SHIFT Wellness provides solutions for Law Enforcement and Exposed Individuals. In-person training sessions are held across the country throughout the year. Online resources including guides and educational videos can be found on this site. Check out our Stress Reduction Summer blogs updated over the summer. We are here to support you.

An Investigator's Story: A look into vicarious trauma and the child pornography investigator. The author provides recommendations which he believes will reduce the negative effects caused by investigating child pornography.

Tools and techniques you need in order to keep healthy and continue to investigate crimes against children. We highlight a new stress reduction technique each month, with each week focusing on a different topic around that technique.

The Vermont Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force has been one of the first ICAC task forces to implement a mental health and wellness program. This is the story of some of their challenges and successes in the last two years.








Unit Commander Guide

Best practice recommendations for those managing individuals exposed to child pornography images through their work, provide suggestions for practical guidelines that can be implemented within the workplace and advice on finding an appropriate mental health professional to work with your unit.

Upper Management - Administrator's Guide

A high-level administrator’s guide to understanding the needs of individuals exposed to child pornography in the workplace.

Welfare Considerations for Supervisors Managing Child Sexual Abuse On-line Units

This qualitative study by Jane Stevenson considered the possible emotional impact on twelve supervisors either working within, or responsible for, units viewing on-line child sexual abuse images.

Friends And Family Of Exposed Individuals Guide

90% of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task forces surveyed reported that a strong family and friend base contributed to staying healthy. This guide provides advice and support to family and friends of exposed individuals.

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of vicarious trauma


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